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Have you got an upcoming event?
Would you like dependable, experienced caterers who’ll deliver beautiful food for all of your guests?

Whether you’ve organised events – or simply attended as a guest, you’ll already know that food can make or break the day. When you choose The Courtyard, you take chance out of the equation – and you can rest easy, knowing your guests will get to enjoy expertly crafted food of the highest standard.

What kind of event are you planning? Have you got a company celebration in mind? Or perhaps you’d like to know you’ve got beautiful food for a ceremony, a wake, a party, a low-key meal, a dance – or one of many other occasions?

Our expertise doesn’t end with food. Our experience and extensive range of qualifications extends to wine and drinks menus too. If you’d like a red or a white to complement your food, we’d be delighted to help – just as we would if you’d like your guests to enjoy cocktails and canapés late into the evening.

We can cater for all audiences, specialist dietary or cultural requirements – and our menus are always created with you in mind. Why not get in touch and talk to us about the event you’re planning – and see if we can wow you with some catering choices…